WODS – May 22 – 27

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Training Purpose Monday Warm Up General body warm up if you are early to class. Sidelying Windmills 3/3 Log Rolls 3/3 Cat / Cow 6-10 Kneeling Slow Spinal Rotation 5/5 Pushup Shoulder Circles on Fists 10/10 Inchworm to Stand Squat 5 Squat to Kneeling 5 Cossack Squats 5/5 Squat/Twist/Reach 5/5 90/90 switch, 3/3 Child’s Pose SLR, 10/10 Child’s Pose SL … Read More

WODS – May 15 – 20

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Training Purpose How are those Child’s Pose Straight Leg Raises treating you? Check in with yourself while you’re doing them. Are you able to fold tightly into that Child’s Pose? Meaning, can you get your butt to your heel, and your nose to your knee? Can you do this with your arms in front of you? You’ll see muscle up … Read More

This Is Comfortably Killing Us

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Comfort and being comfortable all the time is the unsuspecting and innocent hidden killer of our generation. Not working out is comfortable, looking at screens is comfortable, and couches are really comfortable. The most vicious form of wasting away by comfort is sitting. Sitting might actually end up killing you. In fact, it can likely subtract years off of your … Read More