Can You Do These Well?

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Beginner Movement Assessment More and more, we see adults who are true beginners to fitness. They have limited body awareness and mobility. We use these tests (and others) to assess and develop a training plan. Give these a shot…the 2 minute Sorenson hold is tougher than it looks! Posted by Blue Ox Athletics on Friday, April 14, 2017 As … Read More

WODS April 10 – 15

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Training Purpose This week we’re finishing up this hip focused microblock. You’ll see a return of that Child’s Pose single leg raise movement, as well as a couple of other goodies. They’ll be in both the development focused and conditioning WODs. Monday Warm Up General body warm up if you are early to class. Sidelying Windmills 3/3 Deadbug 3/3 Prone … Read More

See How You Do On These Movement Tests

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I spend a majority of my time creating individual workout programs for clients locally and abroad. Basically, it is someone who wants a personalized training program for their goals and abilities. One of the most cited reasons my clients give for a program is they want someone else to “take the keys” and drive them to their goals. For one … Read More

WODS April 3 – 8

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Training Purpose We’re continuing with the Split Squats this week. You’ll see a slight increase in the volume over last week. The Deadbug drill is coming back into the rotation. You’ll see it as a reach in the mobility/cooldown section of the WODs It’s a component of a strong bracing pattern and posture. Consider the position that we’re drilling in … Read More