Triple Jumper Step Up

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Over the next few weeks, I am going to share a number of lesser-known exercises and movements I personally perform and have some of my individual clients do. I hope you’ll find some of them useful! The Triple Jumper Step-Up is really just a high step-up. In the version shown here, I add in the active lift of the foot … Read More

WODS – March 6 – 11

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Training Purpose Continuing the focus on the stability/mobility of your shoulder, we’re going to add on a little bit of thoracic mobilization and integration. One piece will be in the warmup, and one piece will be in the cool down. The warmup is a quadruped stance shoulder/upper ribcage mobilization. Similar to the hamstring and tricep max tension work, we’ll be … Read More

WODS – Feb 27 – March 4

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Training Purpose We’re going to see a shift towards a focus on improving your scapular control and gleno-humeral rhythm in the coming weeks. This is a fancy way of saying we’re going to have you move your shoulders. Watch for the variations in rotation/circle movements. Last week we tried out the shoulder circles in a pushup plank. You’ll see that … Read More