WODS – May 8 – 13

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Training Purpose You’ll be seeing an uptick in “Ab” work this week. We’ve been working on building your understanding of a good brace position when we lift, but true athletic movement doesn’t happen with a static brace. We’ll be exploring some rotation and side bending movements as part of this week. You’ll see a fair amount of pulling in this … Read More

WODS – May 1 – 6

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Training Purpose This week we’re going to be focused on putting some of that hip balance to work. We’re bookending the work week with squats. Heavy back squats on Monday, and a “Tabata” style interval on Friday. You’ll also see a return of the muscle up and muscle up drills. We want you to work the most difficult pulling skill … Read More

Some Testing Tools To Program For Advanced Athletes

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In the final category or “avatar” of individuals I commonly encounter wanting to do individual programs is the advanced athlete with specific performance goals. The more specific your interest, or the more advanced you are, the more you are in need of a specific and individual program. The advanced athlete is usually pretty rewarding to work with – they always … Read More