Prone Club Axial Rotations

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Prone Axial Clubbell Rotations Many common exercises for the external rotators are pretty easy to cheat, substituting other muscles for those you were wanting to train, and this ends up reinforcing poor movement patterns. This exercise makes it much harder to cheat or use unintended muscles to get the job done. ‎ Posted by Blue Ox Athletics on Monday, … Read More

WODS – March 27 – April 1

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Training Purpose This week we’ll be segueing away from the shoulder centric workouts. If you’ve been making progress on your progression towards a muscleup/pullup, keep at it! Even though it won’t be as prominent in the programming, you’re still welcome to work on it. We’re going to start seeing more obstacle races being offered in the area, and some of … Read More

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Training Purpose For this week training will continue the focus on upper body work. We’ll be reviewing the pushup pattern as part of the warmup this week. Very often people mistake the pushup as just an arm and chest exercise. We’ll be showing how the pushup is actually a whole body movement. The warmup movement puzzle is going to be … Read More