Your PAL – Personal Activation List

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Pros & Cons Of Specializing Your Movement Choices See previous post Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve talked about the 3 tiers of health & performance. If you’ve followed this far, it could be apparent what you need to focus on. To streamline this process, I am going to wrap up this series with a series of checklists and you … Read More

WODS – Feb 20 – 25

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Training Purpose This week we’re going to see a continued focus on developing your hip control, and continue the segue into your shoulders. The movement puzzle this week is going to be quite simple. It’s a popular “test” that some people claim is a good measure of your movement health. Starting seated on the ground, can you get up to … Read More

Pros & Cons Of Specializing Your Movement Choices

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Move This Move That Move Better. See previous post Now, let’s look at the top of the performance pyramid – special abilities. This should be the icing on top of the cake, but instead is the starting and ending point for many people. What I mean by special abilities is a singular focus on one physical quality such as strength, … Read More