Who’s Who: Luke H.

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Luke H. Member Since 1/12/2009 Why did you get started with training at Blue Ox? I have had an on again off again relationship with crossfit since a roommate in college was pretty into the mainpage back in 2004. I have found that structure, peer pressure, and ridiculous challenges are the only things that get me do do anything physically … Read More

WODS – Nov 13 – 19

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Training Purpose We’re in Week 6 of our micro lifting block! It’s MAX OUT TIME! That is, if you are familiar with the lifts, have more experience with them than just the 6 workouts with each lift that we just completed, and are curious about your 1 rep max. If you’re more of a novice, we’re actually not really interested … Read More

WODS – Nov 6 – 12

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Training Purpose We’re in week 5 of this 6 week Olympic lifting micro block. If you’re interested in staying focused on the lifts, we have an Olympic weightlifting specific class on Monday and Wednesday evenings. In these last two weeks you’ll want to continue to stay sharp on your technique. As we get more familiar and confident with the lifts, … Read More

WODS – Oct 30 – Nov 5

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Training Purpose Saturday’s 9 AM class will be a special workout in honor of David before he heads in for surgery on Monday. Hope you can come out and support him! We’re past the halfway point with the Olympic lifting focus micro-block! The Monday and Wednesday WODs are going to start featuring the lifts as part of a larger WOD, … Read More

WODS – Oct 23 – 29

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Training Purpose We’re 3 weeks into this block, and basically halfway through! If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a bit of a shoulder and torso strengthening/conditioning block hiding inside this one. This serves both to improve your core control during the lifts and to prepare you for the next block, which is going to be focused on handstands. You’ll be … Read More