CrossFit Total

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16 year old Derek from Washington stopped in to take a try at the CrossFit Total Saturday. Here, he is just about to lockout 205 lbs in the deadlift. At a bodyweight of 115, he totaled 452.5, with a PR in all three lifts. This was 3.93 x BW. Later, a quick set of 5 muscle ups to finish up. … Read More

Jiu-Jitsu Saturday

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Here are a few photos from the first CrossFit Portland Jiu-Jitsu class. It is not too late to join in – call 360-904-0444 for more information.

Six Week Brazillian Juijitsu/Submission Wrestling Course

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Six Week Brazillian Juijitsu/Submission Wrestling Course presented by Straight Blast Gym in conjunction with Crossfit Portland. This course will cover the basics of Brazillian Juijitsu, as well as self defense oriented grappling. Be prepared to learn something new and have fun! Starts this Saturday, at 12 noon. Classes will be held at CrossFit Portland/Academy of Kung Fu. This course is … Read More

Sandbag Construction

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The first of 40 mini sandbags is done. I spent a few hours in the sun on Friday, constructing mini sandbags that we will place into larger bags for various exercises. The 2 1/2 lb mini-bags will make the sandbag micro-adjustable to the exercise and person. A big job, but worth it! A great sandbag construction guide can be found … Read More

Level 2!

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Congratulations to Aaron Schmidt, who passed the final Level 2 challenge Tuesday morning. He did “Helen” in 9:14′. Strong work, and good luck on the next level!