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For time: Row 2000m 50 Wallballs Row 1000m 35 Wallballs Row 500m 20 Wallballs We did the main WOD tonight (9-19), some completed it as a solo effort and some in team fashion. Get some!!

CrossFit Total this Saturday

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All CrossFit Portland athletes, past or present, are welcome to join us this Saturday, Sept. 22 at 12 noon for a CrossFit Total day. We might add in 1RM weighted pullups just for fun, time and energy permitting.  It will probably take around two hours, and we’ll likely meet somewhere to eat afterward. Come in and move some iron!

Clean and Jerks

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10 Rounds: 1 minute clean & jerk 1 minute rest We are trying to get in outdoor workouts while we still can! From ground to overhead, barbells or dumbells.

Precision Jumps

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3 minutes each, no rest: Row for distance Precision Jumps*, only saved landings count Pullups Renegade Rows Low ring jackknifes *The precision jump is borrowed from Parkour, and is great exercise in accuracy, body control, balance, and agility. These simple trainers are very easy to build, and will build skill and confidence allowing one to move to smaller platforms.

Handstands in Weird Places

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I recently returned from a trip to the mountains of Eastern Oregon. Here is a handstand on the Elkhorn Crest Trail, 8300′, while a storm brews in the distance. Check out my blog in a few days for some thoughts on the great outdoors…