CrossFit Championships

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Team CrossFit Portland at the CrossFit Championships in Seattle. Congratulations to Nichole Dehart, winner of the under 35 female division! Thanks to the crew at CrossFit North for putting on a great event. We’ll miss that old hangar!

Core Strength

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Development of a variety of gymnastic holds leads to incredible levels of core strength and stability. The planche can take one several years of dedicated work to achieve. When training any static hold, it is important to stay loose and relaxed. Perform dynamic relaxation and joint mobility exercises before and between attempts. You will find that residual muscle tension will … Read More

Grappling for CrossFit Athletes

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Kelley is a blur during the pendulum drill. Saturday was our first “Grappling for CrossFitters” workout, in conjunction with Straight Blast Gym. We will have an update soon on the date and time of the next class.


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Brothers Jacob and Adam came up from Eugene to visit us this last Saturday. It seems that broken calluses on the right hand must run in the family…. Check out this excellent article on hand care, from our good friends at CrossFit Eastside. Scroll down to the Feb. 3rd entry.


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Wednesday, we started with skill work on pullups, muscle ups, and rope climbs. Several people got their first successful rope climbs, one got a first pullup, and a few did many more pullups than they had prior! We wrapped up with the classic benchmark workout- “Fran”. Here, we finish with some mobility work for the hip flexors.