You Pick It Tabata Intervals

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Pick four or five exercises. Eight rounds of Tabita intervals will be done with each exercise. This was a fun workout. Check out some of the ugly combinations people came up with….

CFP 2nd Anniversary Workout – Mar 23rd

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3 Rounds for time: 800m run 15 knees to elbows 20 side swings left 20 side swings right 50 squats Hard to believe that we’ve been here two years now! Thanks so much to everyone for your support. Stay tuned for big things on the horizon! Strong work, crew! Here, Eric and Bill warm up in the rain with the … Read More

Gateway to the Pullup

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The ring row is the beginning stage in the progression to the pullup. The ring row is also very scalable on it’s own. The farther back and more upright that you stand, the easier that it becomes. Have your feet farther out and your body more horizontal; the ring row becomes much more difficult.


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A bit of strength work tonight, our newest member – “XX” reps out. Strong work, everyone!


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Three teams, four to five members each. Sprint, calisthenics, sprint back. Tag the next team member, rest as the others in your team do their turn. This comes out to be a 1:3 work/rest interval. Each team member ends up doing 15 rounds. Sprint distance was around 60 feet. Repeat 3 times: Sprint, 20 mountain climbers, sprint back Sprint, 10 … Read More