Talha Gets Some Loft!

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Today’s 7:00pm workout was: How many rounds in 12 minutes? 6 hang power snatches 8 clap push-ups 10 jumping lunges. 5-7 minutes of rest, then 3×3 weighted pull-ups and 3×3 handstand push-ups. Today’s 6:00pm workout was: Five rounds for time of… Run 3 laps 15 squats 15 situps 15 push-ups Times in comments.

Muscle-Up Madness

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On December 27th, Rochelle and Aaron each got 3 sets of three muscle ups. Look where they are now! Nathan is never going to go on vacation again.

The Frog Stand

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The Frog Stand is an entry level gymnastic skill. A good exercise by itself, as it develops wrist strength, static strength in the shoulder girdle, core activation, and balance. However, the Frog Stand also serves as a developmental exercise toward several other skills including handstands and planches. Watch this blog for some variations and skills that develop out of the … Read More

Xmas Workout

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Join us Christmas morning for a workout at 9 am! (no regular classes on Monday) If you can get away, come in and work up an appetite for some holiday food!