Vancouver, BC Seminar

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We awakened to a gray, rainy day. The steady downpour lasted all day, and I found myself getting drenched several times. A team workout featuring burpees, SDHP, and thrusters wrapped up day one. It was a great learning experience as always, and great to visit with the CrossFit community.

Up the Ladder

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Bill negotiates the Bachar Ladder in the skill practice session on Friday morning. We also worked on handstands, and introduced handstands on the low rings.

Tuck Front Lever Pullups

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The tucked front lever pullup helps develop great rowing strength and core stability. It is particularly useful for climbers. Start by developing a solid tucked front lever hold, 15 to 20 seconds minimum. After that point, you can begin to work on the pullup. Try to keep your hips at the same height as your shoulders during the whole movement. … Read More

A New Twist

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4 rounds for time: 10 Medicine ball cleans 10 Side wall ball L 10 side wall ball R 20 Double unders Bill doing the side wall ball. Finished with a 3 round circuit of: 12 Clubbell side swings 6/6 Rolling planks

StrongMan Monday

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Monday night, it was uphill truck pushing, a sledgehammer and the tire, kettlebell swings, and team farmer’s walks.