CrossFit Ladies’ Night Out

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Kristin gets a PR of 100lbs! Hello Ladies of Crossfit I am pleased to announce the first annual Crossfit ladies night. August 18, 2007 The agenda Meet at Washougal Coffee Corner at 4:15 pm To Stevenson for the workout 5:00 pm Finish workout 6:00 pm To The Walking Man for dinner, beverages, bonding, and fun until evening What to bring, … Read More

Agility Drills

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We’ve been incorporating some agility work into our workouts lately. This week, we tried out Coach Rutherford’s DB clean + front squat into 5-10-5 drill. Fifteen rounds of work, with teams alternating.

New AM class times

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Starting next Tuesday, August 14th, we are consolidating the morning classes.  The new class times will be 7:00-8:00 am, on both Tuesday and Friday.

Warm ups

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Joe performs a wide stance overhead squat with a medicine ball. We employ this drill, along with the regular stance PVC pipe version, and the one arm DB overhead squat as part of a shoulder/hip flexibility complex.  Can you get into this position?