First CrossFit Portland Kids Class!

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Wednesday the 14th at 4:15 is the first CrossFit Kids being held at CrossFit Portland. What is CrossFit Kids? An exercise program, which is specifically targeted for children ages 5-12. Crossfit seeks to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, focusing on functional movements and core strength. For more information, see our CrossFit Kids page and call Nichole at 760.803.1172.


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Wednesday @ 7:30 we partnered up to tackle a bunch of work! 12 rope climbs 120 wallball shots 120 kettlebell swings 120 pushups Nathan had a tough job doing all of the exercises himself, but Rochelle had the hardest job – recording all of our reps!

front squat

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Bill is back! 6:30 class did: warm up Row 2000m 150 jump ropes 25 box jumps 7:30 class did: warm up 5-5-5-5-5 front squats 3 max box jumps and 20 kettlebell swings after each set of squats Here’s the white board for the workout, and no, Scott’s handwriting hasn’t turned girlie, Nichole led the class! Bonus: Aaron box jumping pretty … Read More