Some Testing Tools To Program For Advanced Athletes

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In the final category or “avatar” of individuals I commonly encounter wanting to do individual programs is the advanced athlete with specific performance goals. The more specific your interest, or the more advanced you are, the more you are in need of a specific and individual program. The advanced athlete is usually pretty rewarding to work with – they always … Read More

Advanced Mobility Assessment Position

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sitting bend test An interesting and simple test to try on yourself! Posted by Blue Ox Athletics on Saturday, March 18, 2017 The first position is an advanced assessment I use with some clients. It is a test of hip external rotation and overall spinal flexion. I believe this was suggested to me as an assessment a number of … Read More

Pistol Squat Locomotion

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It’s a locomotion pattern that can be used to apply one’s strength and mobility in a more organic manner. There are really two different exercises here, as creeping forwards or backwards develop different qualities and are of different difficulty levels. Let’s look at the two a little more closely: Froward creep: this variation starts with a eccentric, or lowering Pistol … Read More

Pros & Cons Of Specializing Your Movement Choices

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Move This Move That Move Better. See previous post Now, let’s look at the top of the performance pyramid – special abilities. This should be the icing on top of the cake, but instead is the starting and ending point for many people. What I mean by special abilities is a singular focus on one physical quality such as strength, … Read More

Move This Move That Move Better

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Work On Your Foundation Before Stacking Exercise On It. See previous post Pros & Cons of Specializing Your Movement Choices See next post This week, we look at the second tier of the pyramid – movement. How well can you move, how many movement options do you have available, how relaxed are you when moving, and are you moving in … Read More