Advanced Mobility Assessment Position

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sitting bend test An interesting and simple test to try on yourself! Posted by Blue Ox Athletics on Saturday, March 18, 2017 The first position is an advanced assessment I use with some clients. It is a test of hip external rotation and overall spinal flexion. I believe this was suggested to me as an assessment a number of … Read More

Pistol Squat Locomotion

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It’s a locomotion pattern that can be used to apply one’s strength and mobility in a more organic manner. There are really two different exercises here, as creeping forwards or backwards develop different qualities and are of different difficulty levels. Let’s look at the two a little more closely: Froward creep: this variation starts with a eccentric, or lowering Pistol … Read More

Pros & Cons Of Specializing Your Movement Choices

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Move This Move That Move Better. See previous post Now, let’s look at the top of the performance pyramid – special abilities. This should be the icing on top of the cake, but instead is the starting and ending point for many people. What I mean by special abilities is a singular focus on one physical quality such as strength, … Read More

Move This Move That Move Better

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Work On Your Foundation Before Stacking Exercise On It. See previous post Pros & Cons of Specializing Your Movement Choices See next post This week, we look at the second tier of the pyramid – movement. How well can you move, how many movement options do you have available, how relaxed are you when moving, and are you moving in … Read More

Work On Your Foundation Before Stacking Exercise On It

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We Were Just Fine Before Exercise Was Invented. See my previous post. MOve This Move That Move Better . See next post. Last week, I mentioned a quote by Ido Portal – “We are humans first, movers second, and specialists third”. This week, I’m focusing on “humans first”. We live in a fortunate time where we have a ton of … Read More