Class memberships have this

Memberships are setup with monthly autopay or prepay.

Unlimited Jump Start, 201, and Weightlifting Classes

Access to gym outside of class times

10% Off each family member’s membership

Beginner member packages come with heavily discounted personal training sessions

New Beginner Members

All new beginner members start with our 8-week challenge. It includes 2 months of classes and 2 personal training sessions.

Please book your personal session if you wish to learn more about enrolling for the 8 week challenge.

Book Your $1 Personal Session

Experienced Members

If you have experience training at strength and conditioning facilities or CrossFit, we have monthly membership options.

Please send us a chat request, call, or email us to explore your options.

Open Gym Members

If you are looking for a gym that would suit your special equipment and training needs, we have Open Gym memberships.