You want weight loss that sticks

Lose weight once. No more 30 day challenges. No more starving-binging, losing & gaining weight back. Start living a life that literally shapes you into being strong and fit.

We want to help you lose the weight once. Start with a clean slate at Blue Ox Athletics and make change that will stick. Here is a deeper look at our approach to weight loss.


At Blue Ox Athletics, you start your membership in our beginner Jump Start program.

Jump Start Schedule

7:00 AM MW — 5:30 PM MTuWF — 10:00 AM Sat

We recommend you attend 2-3 classes per week to start.

Classes are 1 hour long. You must reserve your spot online 12 hours before the start of class.


Just Show Up

Beginners Like You

Personal Coaching

Form & Technique

individualized Challenges

Make Fitness A Habit


Commitment Agreement

As a new member, we challenge you to complete at least 20 workouts in your first 60 days.

Experience has shown us there is no greater advocate to reach this goal than accountability!

By making a simple Facebook post, you dramatically increase your chances of getting 20 workouts in.

We don’t want to be another wasted gym membership. We want you to see what you are capable of!

How To Get Started

New members start with a 2 month Unlimited membership.

$318 with Commitment Agreement reward.

We have a limited number of spots in Jump Start and registration closes once spots are filled.


Join our newsletter to be notified when registration opens, weekly training articles, and for special discounts.

Several pair of size-2 slacks were in the pile (I wear a comfortable size 4), so I thought I’d try them on just for laughs. I’ll be damned … they fit.Tami
I am a Vietnam combat veteran and I have PTSD. Blue Ox builds great bodies and sounds minds. They don’t know they save lives. But I do.David
You turn 40 and start thinking about making sure you are in decent shape to do the thing you love to do. Tekla