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Carl A.
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Why did you get started with training at Blue Ox?
Because I was dating a part-time Crossfit instructor! This was back in 2010 or so, she lived in Seattle, we’d alternate cities every weekend, and after a while she started asking me to come to WODs at her gym. Then she started looking for places for us to go together in Portland too. It took a few times for me to really get into it, but the variety and intensity, and the way it impacted other activities (especially hiking and biking) made me a convert pretty quickly.

One word people use to describe me:
Curious. My dad nicknamed me “Information Sponge” when I was a kid.

What do you do for work and fun outside of the gym?
Work-wise, I’m a writer who used to be a designer, so I mostly work for design studios, helping them get their marketing and content in order, and I ghostwrite a lot of magazine articles. I’m moving to Sweden to do this full time, for a small studio in Malmö (it’s right across the bridge from Copenhagen).

In the summer I do a lot of biking and backpacking, and in the winter I mostly cook for friends and drink fancy beer. I’ve been practicing banjo for a couple of years too, and have just gotten to the point where I can sit in on bluegrass jams. (Very slow ones. Badly.)

What will you miss about Portland?
So…I’m moving to Sweden and I’m going to miss everything! Being so close to mountains, forest and ocean. The incredible food and beer. The fact that I was able to buy an apartment. Being able to get around without a car. Pedalpalooza. Picnic dinners on Mt Tabor. How relaxed everything is — I spend a lot of time in France, and the formality of everything there is kind of exhausting.

What are you most excited for about Sweden?
Well, Malmö is supposed to be one of the most bike-friendly cities on earth, so I’m looking forward to riding around on actual real infrastructure. And the job is a pretty exciting one too. But the best part is the proximity to France, which means I’ll get to spend a lot more time with my son.

What is one gym/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?
Just general overhead pushing strength. I’ve got these long lanky ape arms, which is great for running and kipping, but terrible for getting weight overhead. It’d be great to get through an entire Fran at Rx weight someday–I’m still maxed out around 75 pounds on the thrusters.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Running a six minute mile.

What is your favorite memory of the gym?
When we used to do a lot of “death by…” workouts, where you keep increasing reps every minute until you can’t keep up. Invariably, you’d end up with one or two people trying to crank out one more round, and everyone else who already dropped out is standing around them shouting encouragement. You don’t really get that at a 24 Hour Fitness.