Who’s Who: Coach Angela K.!

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Introducing Angela

Coach Angela K.

I am super excited to introduce Coach Angela to the Blue Ox community! She has already started to shadow and introduce herself in classes and you’ll be meeting her soon.

Due to her full-time job, her schedule is varied and flexible and she could be your coach in any of our classes. Please give her a warm welcome and say Hi! when you meet her in class.

What is your previous coaching experience? How did you hear about Blue Ox?
I took my Level One CrossFit Coach Certification in 2013 and coached at Crossfit Happy Valley for a little over a year. I started and coached a Crossfit Kids program there for a summer as well. Since then, I have completed many more certifications (gymnastics, strongman, mobility, kids, weightlifting), become a Regionals and Games judge, and continued my education via podcast, books, online courses, and picking the brains of the coaches I respect. I also created a home garage gym where I train friends and neighbors on a one-to-one basis.

I heard about Blue Ox from my own personal remote coach, Max El-hag at Training Think Tank. He and Scott knew each other from ‘back in the day’ at OPT as trainers. Max recommended I seek Scott out. And I am so glad I did! I have trained at Blue Ox during open gym hours on and off since early 2015.

One word people use to describe me:
I asked some friends for this one and this word came up a few times (which was so kind):

What do you do for work and fun outside of the gym?
I am a nurse anesthetist at Kaiser.

I am currently obsessed with mountain biking. I have a golden retriever I love to walk and hike with…doing anything with that sweet dog is pretty great. I enjoy and am competent at stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding, and skiing. I love learning new things, some of which ‘half-baked’ skills include: bouldering, wake surfing, surfing, and indoor sky diving (so crazy fun). I really want to check out the new parkour gym in town soon!

I am also a huge Denver Broncos fan! Pretty much my entire TV consumption for the year are Broncos games. It’s a family pastime. We lived in Denver in the ’80’s.

Favorite place to eat in Portland:
Ohhhh wow…this is tough. I am a HUGE foodie. My ‘go-to’ home base restaurant that I always take out of towner’s to is A Cena in Sellwood. It’s authentic Italian and has never disappointed. But I really could go on and on about the places I love!

What is one gym/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?
I bet you’ve never heard this one before ;)… it’s almost cliche, but nevertheless, true- my ring muscle up.

I have always wanted to:
Travel. So many places yet to go, specifically, hike the Grand Canyon.
Sky dive or just fly like Peter Pan would work too!

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Finishing anesthesia school.

What is your philosophy/motivation as a coach?
I believe we all have a vast amount of potential to become better humans via fitness. Persevering and accomplishing tasks, growing, challenging ourselves, dealing with defeat and suffering, overcoming anxieties/fears, grinding through long progressions to reach goals…all of these things we do in the gym can make a huge impact on our lives outside the gym if we let them. And in doing that we make the world a better place. World peace and all that ;)…via fitness! Who wouldn’t wanna save the world one workout at a time?!