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Luke H.
Member Since 1/12/2009

Why did you get started with training at Blue Ox?
I have had an on again off again relationship with crossfit since a roommate in college was pretty into the mainpage back in 2004. I have found that structure, peer pressure, and ridiculous challenges are the only things that get me do do anything physically on a regular basis. I had been creeping dangerously close to 200 pounds and I have always promised myself that if I ever do I am going to have to start eating better. So rather than doing that, I torture myself with Madoc’s programming 2-4 mornings per week. I started at Blue Ox because I work about 3 blocks away and I have known Xi Xia and Scott in that on again off again rhythm since I first joined in 2007. I had gotten back into a fitness routine at an Army school in the summer of ’16 and didn’t want the momentum to die.

One word people use to describe me:

What do you do for work and fun outside of the gym?
I teach Building Construction at Benson Polytechnic High School, which is the school next to the track we run on occasionally. I am also a 1LT in the Oregon Army National Guard. For fun these days I mostly play hide and seek with my four year old, read stories to her, or make up some kind of silliness together. Back when I had spare time I would play a lot of board games, go disc golfing, and occasionally climb local glaciated peaks.

Favorite place to eat in Portland:
I have lived in Portland all of my life and while it only takes one look at me to conclude that I clearly love food, I don’t get out to fun hipster places much. We live very close to King Burrito on Lombard, love the carne asada fries. The strangest thing I have tried is the Bacon-brownie sundae at the Fishwife on Lombard, it is fully bacon and fully brownie in your mouth at the same time, its a trip.

What is one gym/fitness related goal you are working to achieve?
Honestly my goal is to just make it in at least 3x per week. I enjoy the suffering as an end to itself. I feel much better on the days that I come, and my goal is to experience that feeling as much as I can in balance with the rest of my life. One day I tried to do a max deadlift with a pair of every type of plates, and I thought I had almost achieved it save for a few micros, until Xi Xia pointed out the damn red plates… smh

I have always wanted to:
Climb every glaciated mountain in Oregon and Washington. Only three down so far, plenty more to go.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
I think what makes me the happiest is that my daughter seems to love me. When one of my students makes something that I helped them on that they are proud of is also awesome. Or when they ask me for life advice even though I’m clearly an oddball, it makes me feel very accomplished.

What are the fitness/life secrets you’ve learned that you’re willing to impart?
Non-violent communication. Saying “I heard” vs. ‘You said” and “I meant to say” vs “I said” have deescalated a great many potential conflicts. Also, when the workout on the board doesn’t look that bad, it means its going to be awful. Fortunately sometimes the inverse is also true.