201 Workouts of the Week

  • WODS: Jan 20 – 26
    How To Be Successful

    Our weekly program will make you fitter. You’ll be stronger, better conditioned, and feel a whole lot better in your body.

    As you become highly fit, you might develop highly specific fitness goals. To reach those type of goals, please contact Madoc or Scott to have a free consultation on how personalized training can help you.


    A: Deadlift, 5×5@31×1, R90″, 75-80% of 1 or 3RM

    B1: Wide Grip Weighted Pull Up, 4×3-5, R60″
    B2: Ring Dip, 4×5-10, R60″

    C: 3 rounds
    2x Pronated Wrist Roller
    2x Supinated Wrist Roler
    10/10 Hanging Shoulder Circles


    A: 5′ Pushup practice – aiming for excellent form overall, 10-20 reps as practice. If you already have a great floor pushup, work on slow tempo.
    B: 5′ Squat practice – aiming for excellent form overall, 20-30 reps as practice. If you already have a solid squat, work at slow tempo to see if you loose your balance at any point.
    C: 6 rounds for time
    Run 200m
    12 KB Swings, 1/4 BW
    5 box jumps


    A: Clean and Jerk, review and build to heavy single in 15′
    B: Clean and Jerk, 2×12′ EMOM, 75-80% of “A”


    A: Deck of Cards for time as a group
    Full 52 card deck. 1/4 BW DBs and KB
    Perform the number on the card
    Jacks are 11
    Queens are 12
    Kings are 13
    Ace is 14
    Clubs are Pushups
    Diamonds are KB “Taters”
    Hearts are Renegade Rows (per hand)
    Spades are KB OH Single Arm Squats (per arm)
    Queen of Spades is 13 Burpees.


    A: 4 rounds, rest while others go. Aim for a total trip time of no more than 90″ (adjust weight on sled as needed to make this happen)
    Grip loops, do not loop wrist.
    40m Backwards BW Sled drag
    40m Forwards BW Sled Drag
    B: 4 rounds
    5/5 Renegade Row, 1/4 BW per hand
    10m DB/KB Bear Crawl
    10m Front Rack Walking Lunge
    10 Burpees


    A. DB Snatch review

    B. On a 15 min clock:
    50 Bar Facing Burpees
    50 alt’g One Arm DB Snatches 40/25 lbs (25/arm)
    amrap Wallballs in remaining time.

    C. 3 rounds:
    20 sec Hanging L-Sit or Tuck Sit
    15 sec/side Star Side Plank
    10 Plate Trunk Curl-Ups


    last Sunday of month, gym closed.


    Gymnastics 1
    A: 3 rounds Wrist Prep, 5′ Cap
    3 position wrist pushup seq
    Pronated Wrist Roller x2
    Supinated Wrist Roller x2
    B: 3 rounds shoulder prep, 5′ cap
    5/5 1 arm hanging shrug
    5/5 KB Armbar Bottoms Up Screwdriver
    5/5 KB Halo
    C: 3 rounds Handbalance work
    10 High Parallette (MDUSA brand) Kick up/Tuck Down handstands
    5/5 Wall facing block climbs
    5-10 Wall Facing Straddle Pikes
    5-10 Wall Facing Tucks

    Gymnastics 2
    A: Wrist Prep, 5′, 2x
    Wrist Pushup Seq
    Wrist Roller x2
    Straight Arm A/T/Y Flick Water 30/30/30
    B: Torso/Shoulder Prep, 6′, 3x
    Pike Seated Max OH Reach 30″
    Wall Slides, 10
    Wall Angels, 10
    Hollow Hold 30″
    C: Inversion Work, 3x, do free standing/with spotter if possible
    30-60″ inversion
    5m HS Walk or 10/10 Wall run
    10 Tuck Up/Down
    5/5 Lateral block climb/walk


    Conditioning 1
    A: 10′ Aerobic prep work, nasal breathing, RPE 5/6,
    B: 6 rounds, 60″ AMRAP or reps listed, R15″ between stations
    15/15 1 Arm KB Swing, 1/5-1/4BW
    10/10 KB Halo
    10 KB Thruster
    10 Burpees

    Conditioning 2
    A: 10′ Aerobic Prep, RPE 5-6, nasal breathing
    B: 15-20 Rounds any Erg
    10-15″ RPE 7/8 (HR Zone 3/4)
    60″ RPE 5/6 (Recover to HR Zone 2/3 in this time)
    If using HR monitor, complete as many rounds as possible with complete recovery in the 60″. If you fail to recover inside the 60″ after 15 rounds, you are done.
    C: 10′ Recovery

    Daily Warm up

    General body warm up if you are early to class.

    Sidelying Windmills, 3/3
    Prone Scorpion, 3/3
    Child’s Pose SAR, 10/10
    Cat/Cow, 6-10
    FLR/Push +
    Elbow Plank 60″
    TGU, 2/2
    Kneeling KB Halo 5/5
    Neck / Ribcage / Hip Circles, 10/10/10
    FRC Hip/Shoulder
    Squat / Goblet Squat 5
    Squat / Twist 2/2
    Squat / Kneeling 5
    Cossack Squat/Bridge 2/2
    FRC 90/90 int/ext rotations
    Child’s Pose SLR, 10/10
    KB Swing, 15-20
    KB Clean/Press, 5/5
    Hanging Shoulder Circles 5/5
    Arch Hangs 5
    Single Arm Hang/Shrug 5/5
    10 Single Leg Calf Raise From Heel elevated position
    20-30 Steps each edge of foot

    Daily Cool down

    Supine Recovery Belly Breathing, 10-15 Breaths
    Brettzel, 30″/30″
    Down Dog/Cobra/Child’s Pose, 3-5x
    Rollout bottom of foot/calf.

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