Improving joint mobility

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Dynamic joint mobility exercise is an integral part of our program here at CrossFit Portland. These exercises should find their way into your daily routine for for the best result. The Intu-flow DVD series or Ageless Mobility from RMAX is a good starting point if you’d like to work on this more at home.
If you have identified a trouble area, frequent work can payoff quickly. Simply target the trouble movements several times daily in very short, focused sessions for 2-3 minutes at a time. In addition, be aware of any daily activities that may negatively impact your posture or movements. Work to correct your posture during these activities, and be sure to perform mobility exercise to counter the effects. Remember, you are only training for around one hour a day. What you do during the other 23 hours can either support your fitness and health goals, or inhibit them.
The joint mobility work will allow you to reduce the residual muscle tension from training or other activities, decompress the joint capsule, and bring nutrition into the joint. Don’t neglect your mobility work!

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  1. RMAX currently has a free DVD ($6.95 shipping) that looks interesting. I think it is a introductory kind of thingy. I ordered one.

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