201 Intermediate Fitness

201 Intermediate Fitness classes are an increased challenge to Beginner Jump Start classes. You will continue your improvement in 60 minute classes of strength, conditioning, and flexibility work.

Thoughtful and intentional training plans

You will get Purposeful Programming which is the careful sequencing of multiple workouts over weeks and months to produce a desired effect. Much like baking this cake.

angry bird cake

More is not better

So much of fitness training today is just piling on more and more exercises to overwhelm and exhaust you. “More” is not better and you end up building a very different cake.

messed up ugly cake

Over the course of a year, you will experience 5-7 blocks of programming. Each block is 8-12 weeks and while we work on strength, conditioning, and flexibility, we will emphasize some aspects more.

You are more likely to improve with a concentrated focus rather than spinning your wheels and trying to do everything at once.

Intermediate Classes are 60 minutes and average attendance is 8 members.