Jump Start

Here is a detailed breakdown of a 60 minute class. It will answer common concerns like “What if I can’t do something?” or “What if I can’t keep up?”.

Jump Start is our new member preparation program and besides being personal and accessible, it is also a great workout as well.

Mobility Assessment

The first step you take in Jump Start is a mobility assessment. This assessment is based off the Functional Movement Screen and helps the coach understand you better.

This is an important step that greatly reduces risk of injury.

Warm Up

You will go through a full warm up focused on flexibility and getting you to sweat!

Breathing & Bracing

You learn proper breathing & bracing technique that will protect your back and make you stronger.


You will learn and practice fundamental skills like back squats, deadlifts, presses, kettlebell swings, push-ups, pull-ups, turkish get ups, jump roping, and many more!

What if I can’t do something…like a pull-up?!?

You are not the first person that can’t do a pull up in Jump Start 🙂

We take pride in being able to adjust and modify any movement so you can do it and feel challenged and accomplished.

For example, there are many alternatives to a pull up that will help you build the strength so that one day you can jump for joy after doing your first pull up!

Strength & Conditioning

After you complete the skills work, you will start the strength & cardio part of class. There will be different combinations of movements and the pace will pick up.

What if I can’t keep up?

It’s not a race and it isn’t synchronized either. Each person is on their own path with the right challenge and focused on form and technique.


You will regain deep calm breathing and focus on a few mobility exercises to stay loose and improve your flexibility.

Jump Start Schedule

Check out our “How To Start” page to see the Jump Start class schedule.

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