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60 Day Beginner Challenge


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I was tired of making excuses about why I couldn’t workout…jump start was a perfect introduction and made me realize that all the coaches are supportive no matter what level of fitness you are at.Val

You don’t need any fitness experience. You just need to work hard, support your classmates, and finish what you started.

No other gym or exercise regime I’ve tried had stuck with me until I found this place. The training is diverse day-to-day, but focused on the long-run. I’ve made huge jumps in strength, mobility, speed, power, and endurance.Jeremy

Build Your Strength + Cardio + Mobility

  • Your core will be stronger.
  • Your back, hips, and shoulders will be stronger.
  • Your mobility will improve.
  • Classes are so small it is practically personal training.
  • We teach you form & technique so you don’t get injured.
  • Every workout is tailored to your level.
You turn 40 and start thinking about making sure you are in decent shape to do the thing you love to do. Tekla

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I am a Vietnam combat veteran and I have PTSD. They build great bodies and sounds minds. They don’t know they save lives. But I do.David
I’ve been going for almost four years now, and it’s amazing. I started with personal training for a year, and Scott Hagnas chipped away the couch-potato in me until I was ready for the regular classes.Kees
Several pair of size-2 slacks were in the pile (I wear a comfortable size 4), so I thought I’d try them on just for laughs. I’ll be damned … they fit.Tami

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