WODS: April 13 – 19

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How To Be Successful

Our weekly program will make you fitter. You’ll be stronger, better conditioned, and feel a whole lot better in your body.

As you become highly fit, you might develop highly specific fitness goals. To reach those type of goals, please contact Madoc or Scott to have a free consultation on how personalized training can help you.


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
90/90 & Couch, 1 min each
1 min Low Squat

A1. Wall Pseudo Planche Pushups: 4 x 3-5; rest 30 sec
A2. Single Leg Bent DB Row: 4 x 10-15/arm; rest 30 sec
A3. Goblet Cyclist Squats: 4 x 15; rest 1-2 min

B. Partner workout, 6 rounds each:
P1 – six 8-Count Bodybuilders
P2 – Plank hold while partner goes.

C. 2 rounds:
5-10/side Oblique Presses
6-10 Single Leg Bent Knee Calf Raises


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
2 rounds:
30 sec Jumping Jacks
30 sec Mtn. Climbers
1 min Low Squat

A. Skater Squat: 3 x 7-10/leg; rest 1 min
note-lower knee to step or block until you can tap knee to floor. If you can do this, then hold a weight.

B. “Rump Roast 2”
3 rounds, 15 sec rest b/t each station:
1 min Lunge Step-Ups L
1 min Lunge Step-Ups R
1 min Pulse Squat Jumps
1 min Heels Elevated Glute Bridge
1 min Plank Leg Raise + Burpee Tuck
1 min Wall Sit
1 min rest


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
Couch Stretch – 90 sec/side
Elephant Walk x 40
Short Cossacks x 6/side slowly

A1. Goblet Squats: 5 x 5 @21X1; rest 20 sec
note-powerful explosion form the bottom focus.
A2. Vertical Jumps: 5 x 6 @max effort; rest 90 sec

B. 4 rounds:
5/5 Offset Get-Ups from Tall Kneeling
5/5 DB Windmills
25 DB Swings

C. 2 rounds:
1 min/side + 6 Foot Pulls in Couch Stretch
10/side Child Pose SL Raise @2 sec holds/rep


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
2 rounds:
30 sec Jumping Jacks
30 sec High Knees
30 sec Sit-Throughs to Burpee Tuck
30 sec Mtn. Climbers

A. SYLB 2 – for time:
100 Plate OH High Knees
21 Burpees
75 Plate OH High Knees
15 Burpees
50 Plate OH High Knees
9 Burpees

*If you have the gear, Double Unders are Rx’ed, or you can do Heavy Rope Singles.

B. (7am only): Front Foot Elevated Split Squat: 3 x 12/leg; rest 1 min
note-max range of motion over ankle = goal. Think pulling yourself forward. Start using ~6″ step or block.

4:30pm – Mobility Class 4:50-5:30pm


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
2 rounds:
10/leg Bent Knee Calf Raise
15-20 Wall Toe Raise

A. E2MOM for 12 min (6 rds):
30 Pogo Hops for Height
20 Lateral Bounds
10 Star Jumps

B. 20-16-12-8-4 rep rounds:
10′ Shuttles
Chainsaw Rows L
Chainsaw Rows R

C. Swimmer Hovers – 5 strict & slow


Joint Circles + Squat Seq.
3 rounds:
3/3 Long Cossacks
10/10 Elephant Walks

A. 5 rounds:
1 min Plate Rotational Clean & Press
1 min Sit-Through Burpee
1 min rest

B. 5 rounds:
1 min alt’g Reverse Lunges
1 min Broad Jump to Reverse Bear Crawl back
1 min rest

C. Fig 4 Kinetic Stretching


No class today

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