WODS: June 22 – 28

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How To Be Successful

Our weekly program will make you fitter. You’ll be stronger, better conditioned, and feel a whole lot better in your body.

As you become highly fit, you might develop highly specific fitness goals. To reach those type of goals, please contact Madoc or Scott to have a free consultation on how personalized training can help you.



A. Deadlift: 4 x 6 @3111; rest 2 min
note-moderate loading
Home version – DB Skater Squats

B1. Single Leg BB or DB RDL: 3 x 8/leg; rest 1 min
B2. Barbell Rollouts: 3 x 10; rest 1 min
Home version – Inchworms
B3. Glute Bridge Walkouts: 3 x amrap; rest 1 min

C. 3 rounds:
5 slow Wall Peels
20-30 sec Hanging Squat
Home version – Support Squat



A. Alt. EMOM for 12 min:
even – 15 sec Pullups/Jumping Pullups
odd – 15 Wallballs

Home version – 15″ each Rows; One DB Thrusters

B. Hang Power Clean review (Home – use dowel)
C. Front Squat: 4 x 6 @3111; rest 1 min
Home version-goblet cyclist squat



Noon class at gym:
A1. Strict Press: 3 x 10; rest 1 min
Home version – DB Press
A2. Skater Squat: 3 x 6/6; rest 1 min

B. OHS: 3 x 10; rest 2 min
Home version – dowel & DB
C. Tabata Squats

4:30pm class at Franklin High:
100m Run
10 Burpee Star Jumps
200m Run
20 Burpee Star Jumps
400m Run
40 Burpee Star Jumps
200m Run
20 Burpee Star Jumps
100m Run
10 Burpee Star Jumps



7am class @gym:
A. Once thru:
50 Deadlifts 135/95 lbs (Home – DB)
50 alt’g Step-Ups
50 Pushups
50 DB Push Presses

B. 3 rounds for range:
10 Seated Good Mornings
5 Supine Int. Rotations @3 sec holds
10 Kneeling Pass-Throughs
5/5 Active Hamstring Exts @3 sec holds

4:30pm Zoom Mobility Class
Short bodyweight workout TBA
Mobility class, focus on hips.



A. Rotate EMOM for 4 rounds:
1st min – 5/5 Kickstand RDLs
2nd min – 10 Hang Power Cleans
3rd min – 10 Bent Over Row
4th min – 10 Push Press
5th min – 30 sec/side Iso Lunge
6th min – rest

Home version – DBs



9am Outdoors at gym:
Run 800m
20 min alt. AMRAP w/distant partner:
P1 –
16 KB Swings
80m Run out & back*
8 KB Goblet Squats

P2 – rest while partner does thier round.

*run 40m out & back, roughly half the distance of the block in front of the building.
Run 800m again immediately following the 2 min AMRAP.


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