WODS: Oct 14 – 20

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How To Be Successful

Our weekly program will make you fitter. You’ll be stronger, better conditioned, and feel a whole lot better in your body.

As you become highly fit, you might develop highly specific fitness goals. To reach those type of goals, please contact Madoc or Scott to have a free consultation on how personalized training can help you.


A: Turkish Getup, review and build to heavy single per arm in 10′
B: 20′ AMRAP, with a KB 2 weight steps down from “A” or 1/4BW
3/3 TGU
5/5 Clean/Press/Windmill
5/5 Assymetric KB Pushup/Archer Pushup


A: “Cindy”
Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups


A: Clean and Jerk Review, review/build to heavy single in 20′
B: 16′ Alternating EMOM
Even minutes – 3 C&J, 75% of “A”
Odd Minutes – 10 Box Jump Ups, mid thigh height


A: “Helen”
Run 400m
21 KB Swings, 1/4BW (Upscale to 1/3BW)
12 Pullups (upscale to weighted pullups, +1/10thBW)


“Championship Helen”
Run 400m
21 KB Swings, 1/4BW
12 Pullups


A: Thoracic/Lat/Shoulder Prep – foam roll & traction work as necessary.
B: Snatch, review/build to a heavy single in 20′.
C: OHS, 8×3, R90″”, aim for 75-80% of “A”


Open workout 20.2 – TBA


A. 2 rounds:
1 min max reps Pushups
10 sec rest only
30 sec Wall Handstand
30 cal Row
rest 3 min b/t rounds

B. Rotate thru 30 sec on/30 sec rest x 4 rounds: (16’ total)
1 – Burpees to 6” reach
2 – T2B
3 – Bar Facing Burpees
4 – Box Jumps 24/20”

C. Push Press: 5 min to find a heavy single

*if you did 20.2 Saturday, go light and easier today. If not, get after it.


Gymnastics 1
A: 3 rounds Wrist Prep, 5′ Cap
3 position wrist pushup seq
Pronated Wrist Roller x2
Supinated Wrist Roller x2
B: 3 rounds shoulder prep, 5′ cap
5/5 1 arm hanging shrug
5/5 KB Armbar Screwdriver
5/5 KB Halo
C: 3 rounds Handbalance work
10 High Parallette (MDUSA brand) Kick up/Tuck Down handstands
5/5 Wall facing block climbs
5-10 Wall Facing Straddle Pikes
5-10 Wall Facing Tucks

Gymanstics 2
A: Handbalance work,
10′ or 2-3 rounds
30-60″ Inversion
10 Lunge up
10 Tuck up/Down
10 Supine Plate Pullover

B: Back Bridge/Arch Mobility work
3 rounds
10 Wallslides or FRC Sleeper
10 Wall Angels or FRC Americana
20-30″ FRC Shoulder CARS
5 Backbend wall walkdown

C: Torso Control work
3 rounds
30″ Low Ring Arms Forward Plank
60″ GHD Side plank Hold
60″ Inverted Plank


Conditioning 1
A: 5-10′ Aerobic Prep / Nasal Breathing, RPE 5/6
B: 1 round, Nasal breathing only, Complete each station before moving to the next, work in the order listed. Attempt each station as an unbroken set, but maintain form and RAN. work a partner(s) if necessary.
20 reps each station
DB Push Press, 1/5-1/4BW per hand (do not drop DBs)
Bent Over BB Row, 1/2-3/4BW
Neutral Grip Pullup
Bench Press, 1/2-3/4BW
Deadlift, 1-1.25xBW (do not drop BB)
Back Squat, 3/4-1xBW
C: 10′ Recovery / Apnea, RPE 4/5″
Conditioning 2
A: 5-10′ Aerobic warmup/nasal breathing
B: 20′ AMRAP
100′ Standing Rope Pull Sled Drag, 1/2-3/4BW
100 1 Arm KB Swings, switch on the fly
100 (50/50) Bulgarian Bag lateral swing
100 Heavy Rope Single Unders
C: 10′ Recovery/ Cool Down

Daily Warm up

General body warm up if you are early to class.

Sidelying Windmills, 3/3
Prone Scorpion, 3/3
Child’s Pose SAR, 10/10
Cat/Cow, 6-10
FLR/Push +
Wrist Pushup Seq x2
Kneeling KB Halo 5/5
TGU, 2/2
Neck / Ribcage / Hip Circles, 10/10/10
FRC Hip/Shoulder
Squat / Goblet Squat 5
Squat / Twist 2/2
Squat / Kneeling 5
Cossack Squat/Bridge 2/2
FRC 90/90 int/ext rotations
Child’s Pose SLR, 10/10
KB Swing, 15-20
KB Clean/Press, 5/5
Hanging Shoulder Circles 5/5
Arch Hangs 5
Single Arm Hang/Shrug 5/5
10 Single Leg Calf Raise From Heel elevated position
20-30 Steps each edge of foot

Daily Cool down

Supine Recovery Belly Breathing, 10-15 Breaths
Brettzel, 30″/30″
Down Dog/Cobra/Child’s Pose, 3-5x
Lunge/Hip Extension/Psoas Stretch (couch stretch), 60″/60″

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